Simple Operations to Difficult Stains

08 May 2020

Simple solutions to difficult stains
Your white trousers that you wear very lovingly, your tablecloth that you lay out with pleasure, the color that you look as you look ... Sometimes, only detergent products are not enough to remove the stains on them, you need to apply different stain removing techniques. You will not only harm the stained surfaces but also get rid of the stains with the simple but effective suggestions we will offer you.

Lily stain

If it is spring time, it is time for lilies to bloom. The pollen of this flower, which looks quite elegant, unfortunately leaves a stain. When you encounter such a situation, never try to remove the stain by rubbing it first. This application only allows the stain to penetrate the fabric more. Try to remove as much pollen as possible with a piece of scotch tape or hair removal tape. To remove any stain left without throwing the product into the washing machine, if it is white, or if your clothing is white, lightly rub a piece of white cloth soaked in oxygenated water over the stain.

Candle stain

When you see that the melted wax is pouring, we are sure that your eyes have grown! No panic, calm down. To clean the stain, wait until the candle has cooled down first. Then scrape the residual wax with a blunt blade. Put a paper towel under and over the stain. Iron your iron by setting it on wool. The paper towel will absorb the softened wax.

A similar procedure is also required when you pour candles on your carpet. Gently scrape the wax off the surface with a blunt blade, without damaging the plumage of the carpet. Put the greaseproof paper or towel paper on the stain. Run your iron on low heat without pressing it on the paper. As the wax stain melts, it will stick at the door and will be cleaned from the surface of your carpet.

Nail polish stain

You can use nail polish remover containing acetone to clean the dripping nail polish. Press the cotton soaked in acetone with gentle movements without rubbing it onto the stain. However, before starting the process, put a thick paper towel under the nail polish stain, thus preventing the stain from getting on the other side of the fabric. Finally, wash the fabric as indicated on the label. If your nail polish is spilled on your carpet, apply the acetone cotton pad to the stained spot and do not rub it. Then wipe with warm water.

Grass stain

Unfortunately, when the lush green lawns that get peaceful become contaminated with clothes and become a stain, they can reach the point where they will miss all the pleasures. When there is a stain on the clothes, first apply hand washing detergent or white soap on the stained area. After waiting for about half an hour, rinse. If your stain has become permanent, the solution is in white vinegar. Pour some white vinegar over the cotton and press it onto the stain. You will see that the stain is detached from the fabric.

Foundation cream stain

Unfortunately, the foundation, which makes the skin look smooth when applied, gets the title of a full difficult stain when it gets on the clothes. As soon as it is poured on you, take the foundation on the surface without waiting. If your fabric is white and cotton, clean the stain with white vinegar diluted with water, then wash it.

Tea stain

Here is the most likely spot to encounter at any moment, tea stain. When removing this stain, you should not put too much pressure on the tip, which you should not forget. You can use lemon juice for tea stain in cotton fabric. Another suggestion is to mix equal parts of white vinegar and water and pour it on the stain. Then you can wash it in the washing machine. If your tea is poured on the carpet, what you should do first is to absorb the tea on the carpet with a clean cloth or towel paper. Then apply the mixture of baking soda and hot water to the stained area and wait. Then rub the stain with a clean cloth.

Coffee stain

You were going to enjoy full coffee that happened and your coffee was poured onto the fabric surface! You can immediately pour salt or baking soda over the new stain and then wash it. If your coffee pleasure is split in half because your coffee is poured on the carpet, take the excess on the carpet surface with a clean cloth or towel paper, just like tea stain. Then mix water and vinegar using equal measure and apply it to the stained area.

Ketchup stain

The bad news about ketchup stains is that the fabric pores absorb the ketchup very quickly. You should hold your hand very quickly when ketchup gets on any surface. Wash immediately with cold water after removing excess ketchup on the fabric. You can get help from your dishwashing detergent when ketchup stains are on your carpet or seats. Apply the foam of the detergent to the stained surface and wait a bit, the stain will come off sooner if you wipe it.