25 OCT 2019

Your bedroom is getting greener ..


If you go back to your childhood, do you remember that green leafy plants found a place in the bedrooms of your homes? This is almost impossible because the dominant prevalence until recently was that green leafy flowers consume oxygen at night and reproduce carbon dioxide at night. However, the truth is just the opposite! Thanks to these plants that you can grow in your bedrooms, you will sleep comfortably at night and add a decorative effect to the environment.


Love Ladder

If you are new to plant care and love flowers with lots of green leaves, the Love Ladder is for you! This flower, which you can easily maintain, especially loves semi-dim environments that do not take much sun. One of the nostalgic green leafy plants, the Love Ladder cleans formaldehyde, a chemical substance found in many products.


Areka Palm


Carrying a personal energy to your bedroom with its tropical stance, this plant cleans the polluted air in the environment. At the same time, it moistens the air and provides comfortable breathing. For Areka Palm, which is also very easy to maintain, all you need to do is to protect it from direct sunlight and water the soil with water that you keep at room temperature as needed. This plant, which you can find in any size you want in florists, will provide a separate posture to your bedroom.


Phonix Roebelenii


It is also known as the Dwarf Palm Palm among the people. We can say that it is long-lasting thanks to its strong and drought-resistant structure. Another feature is the cleaning of xylene, which is a toxic and carcinogenic compound in its environment. Since the splayed leaf will want to grow in a spacious environment, you can make room for it in front of the glass if possible.


Aleo vera


This plant, which continues to release oxygen throughout the night, helps you have a comfortable sleep. You can hang your Aleo Vera, which is beneficial in many areas from skin care to gum health, from the ceiling with a stalactite flower pot that you can easily make from macrom to give a bohemian effect to your room.


Wall ivy


All in all, if you have a large bedroom, the wall ivy will suit you well. This plant species, which grows very quickly, covers the area in a short time and is easy to maintain. If we talk about its effect on health, experts agree that the wall ivy has destroyed the mold fungus in the air.


Peace Flower


You can easily place the Peace Flower, which we are accustomed to seeing in the living rooms of offices and houses, in your bedroom because it helps to clean the dirty air in the environment. With its elegant white flowers, it will add a sparkling energy to your room.




My bedroom is dark, but if I show artificial flowers, if you say in this room, you don't know yet that Difenbahya loves the dark environment. Growing in a low light environment, this flower removes toxins from the air. It will reveal its beauty well when placed in a decorative flower pot.


Ribbon Flower


It carries the sympathetic energy to its environment and is one of the plants that are easy to develop and maintain. This flower, which can be used by those who are allergic to dust, can remove most of the toxins in the air.