elly design rug

We do not know the limits of color, size and design in our works designed for the space.

When weaving new natural wool and silk viscose yarns and weaving with completely natural materials, we determine the yarn and its thickness according to the usage area.

Our designers will be happy to make sure to offer you custom designs.

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sisal carpet

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elly kids

We think about the health of our children, we prefer to use natural materials in their carpets. We prefer natural yarns made from New Zealand wool and poplar tree fiber.

When we make special designs for the room of the little princes and princesses, we can tell their story or they can tell us their imagination.

Do you think we made a picture of their imagination?

The designs of their own carpets, they will have done, and will only remain to weave the dream of that dream.

In addition to the special design ELLY KIDS group, you can use the ELLY MOOD HANDMADE RUG group in the children's room design with peace of mind.

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elly project

To make project carpets, you need to be professional.

It is possible to design special designs for your yacht, hotel, office, dressing room, store design.

ELLY CONCEPT prepares every mekena custom designs. We do our job professionally with useful, stylish, special documents. As we support the works of architects by making small touches to their projects, we are also one of our projects to be complementary of their projects with the special carpets we prepared for furniture companies.

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elly patchwork

We designed carpets woven with love with a new love.

We prepared our patchwork carpets with the mission of giving life to the carpets that are stitched to the stitches of working women in Anatolia.

We are presenting hand-made carpets, each one of which is special, with privileged designs without losing its value. Carpets woven by master hands are brought together by master hands.

Our 2020 patchwork collection is made from original Anatolian carpets and rugs. Our carpets woven in different parts of Anatolia are sewn by hand in Uşak. Designed by Şeyda Elif Çakmak, our patchwork carpets can be made in special sizes and colors suitable for your decoration.

Turkey's enjoy the privilege of using this unique beauty of your living space.

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elly black

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